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AMETEK-Brookfield has been the world standard in viscosity measurement for over 85 years.  The wide range of equipment for viscosity and rheological analysis puts this company as one of the first worldwide. AMETEK-Brookfield offers also advanced tools as the “Texture Analyzer” to characterize the physical properties of various products (e.g.harness, elasticity etc) and the “Powder flow tester” a system to measure the flow of powders.


AOM-Systems GmbH ,  “AdvanceOptical Measurement Systems”: your partner for Smart Sprays.

Based on the patented SpraySpy®-technology we produce sensors and measurement devices for smart sprays.By using innovative optical measurement techniques and artificial intelligence (A.I.) AOM develop high-tech measurement devices and sensors for the quality monitoring of production processes and for R&D applications. AOM customers are operators, supplier and plant manufacturer of spray processes as well as public and industrial research departments, worldwide. The SpraySpy®-technology is a laser-based sensor & measurement system, measuring each single drop in the spray individually by its size and velocity. With A.I. based SprayAI® Software, SpraySpy® can detect even smallest variations in the spray.


For more than 100 years, Atlas has been a leader in materials durability testing, offering a complete line of weathering testing instrumentation, laboratory, and outdoor testing services. Atlas products are designed and manufactured to conform to international and industry standard test methods, including ISO, ASTM, DIN, JIS and numerous others. Markets include automotive, paint and coatings, plastics and additives, textiles, pharmaceutical and consumer products, architecture, aerospace, photovoltaics, and packaging.


URAI has started the distribution in Italy of the proprietary software called ColorWorkDesk, the brand that distinguishes the new line of products in the field of applied colorimetry.

The current line of products meets all the requirements of instrumental colour control and provides the ideal support to companies in the field of quality control and colour formulation.

The cornerstones of the design philosophy behind these products are the creation of highly modular software with an intuitive and modern graphical interface.

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English company that produces glossmeters for the evaluation of the surface of various materials according to all the measurement geometries provided. They also produce reflectors, tools for the measurement of the covering power of paint products, film time meters of coatings and emulsions. The company owns the Hanatek brand.


German company that for over 50 years has invented the innovative method of bladeless mixing and dispersion SpeedMixer, ideal for laboratory tests, research, and development, for the production of small batches of valuable material and for very viscous materials such as colloids, pastes, creams, jellies, resins, inks, paints and silicone with or without powders. Their steadfast dedication to quality, innovation and above all, and the passion for precision engineering.


METRASTAT is a Swiss family-owned company founded in 1977 that manufactures and sells its systems in 45 countries worldwide. Thanks to its team of chemists and engineers, it has the necessary expertise to provide advice and ensure reliability and consistency in research and innovation, to improve its instruments (oven and reflector) dedicated to the measurement of short and long term thermal stability of polymers such as PVC, PVDF, ABS, PA, PE, PP, etc.

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Manufacturers and distributors of quality control equipment and research and development with 40 years of experience. They produce and certify internally the outflow cups (FORD and DIN), the checkers, both conical and cylindrical spindles, the impact tester and much more for the quality control on the coating.

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OptiSense is the world’s leading provider of thickness measurement systems based on photothermal technology for a wide variety of substrates. Non-contact, fast and efficient: Photothermal coating thickness measurement is a non-contact measuring method for paints, powder coatings and enamels on metal and non-metallic substrates. The different thermal properties of the coating and substrate are used to determine the thickness of the coating.

Because PaintChecker sensors are developed and manufactured in-house – made in Germany -, we can also offer you customized solutions for the most unusual applications.

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Polytec, a German company founded in 1967 who develop, produce and distribute optical measurement technology solutions for research and industry. Their quality innovative products have an excellent reputation internationally among the expert community. Polytec find solutions tailored to their customers.

Polytec is specialized in the technological fields such as Vibrometry, Velocimetry, Metrology of 3D surfaces, NIRs process analysis, image processing and optical systems. to determine the composition and concentration of materials in a non-destructive way and in real time.

URAI is exclusive NIRs process analysers distributor in Italy.

Precision gage

Historic American manufacturer since 1929 of film applicators and grinders for the control of paint products.


English company that produces glossmeters for the evaluation of the surface of various materials according to all the measurement geometries provided. They also produce reflectors, tools for the measurement of the covering power of paint products, film time meters of coatings and emulsions. The company owns the Hanatek brand.


RK Print Coat Instruments Ltd is an English company founded in 1962 with over 30 years of experience in filming and ink printing. Designs and manufactures automatic or hand-user instruments to facilitate the production of repeatable samples for colour matching. Their solutions are used in different areas such as R&D, quality control and small pilot plants for specialty products.


Historic American company that produces a wide range of laboratory equipment for the control of textile products in accordance with the most important international standards. With over 600 products, the company has the most complete offer in the industry and provides a capillary network of over 80 service centres and agents in almost 100 countries around the world. SDL Atlas has long-standing relationships with leading world standards organizations and holds leadership positions in numerous important standards committees, which ensures that products meet stringent industry standards.

taber industries

American company, founded in 1941, manufacturer of high-quality instruments for the evaluation of the resistance of materials. Expert and worldwide known for producing tools for test surface abrasion. It also offers solutions for measuring resistance to scratches, chafing damage, bending resilience and hardness. The Taber instrumentation is indicated in several international methods and is a reference for many industries.

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