The SpraySpy®-technology is a laser based sensor & measurement system, measuring each single drop in the spray individually by its size and velocity. With the artificial intelligence (AI) based SprayAI® Software, SpraySpy® can detect even smallest variations in the spray. SpraySpy laser analysers, for the monitoring and characterization /calculation of the size, speed and momentum of drops or particles, present inside nebulized material. Ideal for liquids and powders. Available in laboratory or process standard or ATEX version.

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Measure and digitize the most important spray quality parameters. Those data are processed by artificial intelligence (AI) based SprayAI® algorithms to detect automated even smallest anomalies in the spray. This is essential for the digital coating process and an intelligent state of the art paint shop.



Is specially developed product group of measurement systems for the individual demands of Researchers and developers. The instruments measure spatially resolved single droplet events. As a standard this information will be calculated into histograms and standard characteristic performance parameters. In addition, the measurement results are saved and can be evaluated individually.


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