Viscometers and Rheometers - Brookfield

DIN Adapter

The DIN Adapter Accessory (DAA) is a cylindrical spindle geometry that conforms to the DIN 53019 specification. Three spindles and three chambers are provided.

The DAA can be attached to any standard Brookfield Laboratory Viscometer/Rheometer.

Sample Volume: 16-20 mL.


The DIN Adapter is available also with the magnetic coupling.

  • Complies with DIN 53019 requirements for test geometry. DIN is the German equivalent to the U.S. ASTM Standards.
  • Designed to provide an alternative for those customers having limited sample volume. Requires 16 mL to 20 mL sample size.
  • Cylindrical geometry provides defined shear rates.
  • Comes with three spindles and two chambers for measurement range of 1 to 50,000 cP.



K=1 thousand

*Ranges also apply to previous series

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