Viscometers and Rheometers - Brookfield

Capcalc 32

Capcalc software turns a Brookfield CAP2000+ Viscometer into an accurate rheometer for advanced sample analysis. Your CAP2000+ Viscometer becomes a sensitive, accurate rheometer with Capcalc v3.0 Software! Capcalc allows control of the viscometer from a PC for automated testing, gathering and storing of test data. Built-in math models help to analyze material flow behavior quickly and easily.

  • Test Wizard allows for easy, automated data collection to eliminate operator error
  • BEAVIS commands — including Conditional Loop, Reporting Options, Data Averaging, and Set Spindle
  • Provides instantaneous viscosity flow curves (rheograms) on easy-to-read graphics
  • Records up to 1000 data points per test and creates a permanent test record in your choice of cP or mPas.
  • Plot up to four data sets simultaneously in 12 plot types
  • Yield stress calculations (Bingham Plastic, Casson, Power Law, Consistency Index)
  • On-line help system in English, Spanish and Japanese
  • Save data in text, Lotus 1-2-3- and Excel
  • The ability to communicate to more than four COM ports
  • Plot component with a second Y axis provides more plotting and display options, including online plotting during data collection
  • User-friendly interface with menus, toolbars and dockage control windows which can be resized and moved to create a custom display

  • Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
  • 500 MHz processor
  • 256 MB RAM
  • One RS-232 port
  • 800×600 resolution display

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