Industrial Chemicals

Logistics and distribution

To ensure the best service, URAI uses the most innovative ERP System, cooperating with highly specialized partners in order to optimize all the flows -handling and storage processes- following the strictest protocols.

Capillary distribution network allows us the product’s delivery in a very short time, using modern low-impact trucks, compliant with all the laws, including ADR, in case the products will require.


URAI guarantee a safety stock availability to meet Customer’s needs, in-fact historically over 98% of orders are immediately processed.

Real-time traceability of each individual batch shipped, allows us to perform the outstanding level of Supply Chain.

From procurement until the final delivery but also after-sales, our Customer Service Team is always ready to effert any need.


Always sensitive to all environmental issues, since ever URAI has joined the program “Responsible Care” that other than to fixing precautions for the storage and distribution of chemicals products, has established and maintains since 2001 the S.E.T. – Emergency Transport Service that allows 24/7 to provide, in real time, all information necessary for an effective management regarding eventual emergencies related to road accidents or any other cause.

Customer Service

URAI technical-commercial staff, together with our lab managers, is always next to our Customers to gives solutions for any formulative problems providing suggestions of the best use of products proposed.

Please do not hesitate to contact us using the following email address for any of your question about our specialties.


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