Our Organization

URAI is made up of Industrial Chemical, Life Sciences Ingredients and Laboratory Equipment & Instruments divisions.


Industrial Chemical division manages the sale of additives, pigments, resins, fillers and other products from international leading companies through a sales structure with a strong technical background and widespread coverage throughout the country.


Life Sciences Ingredients division is dedicated to the selection of the best raw materials available on the international market, promoting technological excellence and innovation. Moreover, the division has always promoted a responsible approach through a wide selection of natural ingredients.



Laboratory Equipment & Instruments division exclusively offers instruments, equipment and consumables for laboratory testing from leading international companies. The technical and commercial staff provides qualified assistance to our customers from the choice of the correct instrumentation for the scientific project of the Laboratory, to the practical demonstration, up to the installation and technical-analytical support.

Our guarantee

We guarantee our supplier partners a widespread coverage in the territory with a network of sellers and agents technically prepared in their respective product sectors, able to enhance the characteristics of the product and identify the best applications.

URAI partners, often leading manufacturers in their field, provide their own application and research laboratories and their specialized technicians. These, in collaboration with our industry experts, provide customers with assistance and development of new products according to the needs of the ever-changing market.


Over the years, new representations have been added to the traditional partners. Thanks to the quality of the products and services offered, loyalty and mutual collaboration with our customers, the URAI turnover has developed and is constantly growing.

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Our Values

URAI aims to meet the needs of customers who are looking for quality, high performance but also respect the environment in products by incorporating sustainability principles in each of its business decisions.


It has also made a constant commitment to promoting safety, health and environmental-oriented behaviour.

Creating a positive, stimulating and safe environment is vital to working best and achieving your goals more effectively.

LEL - The European strategic alliance of technical distribution specialists

The LEL Group is an European strategic alliance of distribution companies with more than 20 years history. We are specialised in chemicals, minerals, ingredients, natural and “green chemistry” products. The LEL sales team has a strong technical, industrial and commercial education to enable identification of the technical fit between product and application whilst fulfilling the buyer’s needs. We provide a best in class products quality and a wide range of services.

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