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For logistics URAI works with a company that is specialised in storing chemicals, which assures that the products are handled and stored in compliance with strict protocols. 
Sensitive to its clients’ needs, URAI is particularly careful to maintain the warehouse supply availability to fully satisfy client demand: statistically, more than 98% of all orders are immediately dispatched since the merchandise is available at the warehouse.

The physical distribution of the products is carried out in minimal time with modern motor vehicles that conform to all legal regulations (ADR).

URAI, being sensitive to environmental problems, it has joined the Responsible Care programme. This programme, as well as establishing a series of precautions concerning the warehousing and distribution of chemical products, also set up in 2001  the S.E.T – Emergency Transport Service - which provides all the information needed for the effective management of possible emergencies caused by road accidents or any other event in real time 24/7, 365 DAYS A YEAR.
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