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CAP 1000+

The CAP 1000+ Viscometer is a compact, heavy-duty instrument that is ideal for fast, easy, repetitive testing on the production floor or in the QC lab.


Small sample size is a plus, along with integrated temperature control built into the sample plate.


With Brookfield’s viscosimeter you could measure viscosity and rheological characteristics of several fluids, from oils to asphalt. Choosing a different instrument, you could operate from cosmetic to pharmaceutical industries. To learn more about spring ranges and model selection, please call us.

  • Quick single point test
  • Choice of shear rate. Standard speeds include 750 and 900 rpm to provide shear rate at 10,000 sec-1.
  • Rapid temperature control with built-in Peltier element in sample plate
  • Meets Industry Standards: ASTM D4287, ISO 2884 and BS 3900
  • Rugged design can handle production environment
  • Small Sample Size, < 1 mL, Simplifies Testing
  • Easy to Clean
  • Customizable options
  • Parallel printer output

cap 1000 6-10

†Special speed instrument.
*Maximum speed recommended with this spindle is 400 rpm. Viscosity range indicated is for operation at 400 rpm.

μL=microliter K=1 thousand P=poise 1Pa·s=10 poise N=RPM
e.g. Cone Cap-01 13.3 x 10 (rpm)=133 sec-1


Note: Viscosity ranges shown above are for illustration. The exact range will depend upon instrument configuration.

  • CAP Viscosity Standards
  • Additional Cone Spindle

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