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URAI was founded by Armando Giuliani in the immediate post-WWII period with the aim of supplying the Italian chemical industry with chemical products and laboratory equipment that were difficult to find in those days in Italy, contributing, with innovative products, to the technological and quality development of coating, ink and plastic industries.
Today, after more than 60 years of activity, other industrial sectors have been added to the more traditional ones: adhesives, rubber, leather, lubricants, paper, construction, automotive, textiles and ceramics. 
Our mission has always been to guarantee our regular customers high-quality products and services and the continued assistance of our technical-commercial personnel.

The URAI company is made up of the Chemicals and Laboratory Equipment divisions.   
The Chemicals Division deals with the commercialisation of additives, pigments, resins, fillers and other products produced by important international companies, with the collaboration of a sales force that is present throughout the country and equipped with excellent technical skills.
The Laboratory Equipment Division offers exclusive tools and equipment produced by leading international companies for various types of laboratory testing.
The technical and sales staff is able to assist Clients from a practical demonstration of the product up to installation of the same and to offer after-sales service, for both hardware as well as software, throughout the nation.

We guarantee our partner suppliers a well-distributed coverage of the territory with a network of sales personnel and agents who are technically trained in the respective merchandising sectors and able to highlight the product’s characteristics and suggest the best applications. 
Our partners, who are often leading manufacturers in the sector, make their application and research laboratories available to us. Their specialised engineers, in collaboration with our experts in the sector, assure client assistance and the development of new products based on the market’s ever-growing needs. 
As the years have passed, we have increased the number of our partnerships and thanks to the quality products and services on offer, the loyalty and mutual collaboration of our clients, business has increased and continues to grow.

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